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DANNY by Ajlin DANNY by Ajlin
AHAHA! Okay So I got to admit that I am a little bit embarassed, I haven't had another famous person (I had ~Kumagorochan for a while) as a background wallpaper for a while now. But I am COMPLETELY falling in love with this awesome Brit! I feel like a little school girl again^^

For the ones who don't know this is Danny Wallace. Danny, have among other things done the voice acting for Shaun Hastings in AC II, written the book that Yes Man was inspired by and is now King Danny of the nation Lovely (How to make your own country).

Well... I love him... with all my heart XD YOU GOT TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING, DANNY WALLACE IS THE KING 8DDD *am very asahmed of this*

Oh the note in the corner says "KEEP TOGETHER ONLY 2 MONTHS LEFT!!!" Well... I am really busy in school nowadays so it keeps me going XD oh... and in 2 months I'll graduate... yaaaaay! I am aslo speking with :iconkumagorochan: and :icontealover89: on msn!

It's 6 celsius outside here too... could be nice to know;)
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i-Yuki Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011
Yay~ >3<
Ajlin Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011  Student Photographer
Mclawliet Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Mi god where did you get the wallpaper??? :D
I want it...sooo bad! :D
Ajlin Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010  Student Photographer
Well I made it from one of his pics, because I couldn't find a wallpaper with him haha!
Mclawliet Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
yeah, been searching one from him for ages...damn! :D
Looks so cool! .) job well done indeed :D
Ajlin Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Student Photographer
Thank you very much! <3
rawa1993 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
hehehhe <3~~
i thought i was the only one who actually felt that way ^3^
he is so cool >3<
and you chose a really cute picture to X3
and shaun hastings is just briljant xD i keep buggering him in the game xD
zomg i'm a complete fangirl (never been a fangirl of celebreties -3-)
Ajlin Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010  Student Photographer
oh we are at least two then I would say haha!^^

Well I found that thee weren't many to chose from haha^^ I got his latest book on the mail today so I'll have som fangirling to do right now haha^^
rawa1993 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
yay!!! finally! none of my friends know him :iconglompplz:

hahahha xD i found really cute ones >:3 him attacking santa claus?? xD him with teddybear and that sort xD lol i'm such a dork x]
ooh :O thats such a coinsidence (<< don't know if you write it that way O.o...) oh well i wanted to buy his books to but i couldn't find them anywhere but i've resently moved to amsterdam and amsterdam is like really multiculteral so i went to check out my local bookstores :D and there is one called waterstones and i fell in love with it it only sells british books also british magazines and british snack and food xD
i ask the man about danny wallace and he just pointed next to him and there was danny in his full glory xD human sized cardboard cutout!! >:] i bought his newest book and when i'm done with this one i'll get the others :Dheheh i asked the store manager if i could get that cardboard cutout and he said maybe and asked my mobile number for when i could pick it up xD

... sorry for the huge story O.o..... and is the book something??? i still have a other book to read (the undomestic goddess- sophie kinsella) so i won't read it yet?? but how much of fangirling have you done already??
Ajlin Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student Photographer
haha same here... or well they do now because I have nagged their ears of about him haha!

Aaaah I see, I ordered them online actually in their original language because I thought that reading them translated to swedish would make them lose their charm.
So glad you found it, he is a very talented writer! AND OH GOD!!! I WANT ONE TOOOOOOOO! D8 haha!And I liked the long story, always fun to talk to a fellow Wallace-fan haha^^

Well, I recently finnished reading Yes Man which is probably his most famous book and I laughed my entire way through it, the way he writes comedy is just genious and very unique, I haven't seen anyone write even remotley close to the way that he does. Yes Man moved up to one of my favourite books instantly.
I started reading "Awkward situations for men" today and have read 33 pages in to it. The quality varies I must say. It's written in a way where every chapter is its own little story and some of them are just strokes of genious (like Yes Man is) and some of them are mediocre. But this is, as said, just 30 pages of a whole book and I am sure that my opinion of the book will change as I keep reading because he still writes brilliantly (if not even better now!) and some of these chapters has had me rolling on the floor laughing^^

HAHA sorry for the massive comment!
rawa1993 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
hhahha i can't do that with my friends xD my friends are really stubborn xD

hahah here are the pictures of him and the bear just pres the first one and pres next until you saw them all XD he's so cute in those pictures x] :: [link]

and this is him and santa(who i think works with him on a radioshow) :: [link]

also him in a white suit (i'm in love with this picture just because he looks so classy):: [link]

hahah i have far more also haha have you heard him sing yet >3< its adorable

yeah i think the same thats why i never buy trabslated books!! :D i'm so glad i found waterstones!!! i am going to read it during my 5 hours in the plane i'm really scared of planes so akward moments is going to be a distraction :D

uhu uhu :D waah is yes man really so funny?? cuz i saw the movie (before i even knew what danny was) and it wasn't really funny
he is pretty unique but thats probably because all he writes it personal experience xD hahahaha sometimes it makes you wonder what the fuck he was thinking xD

hmm i hope it gets better but i think its going to be a fun book to read :D (and sitract me anough from screaming and trying to jump out of the airplane xD)

but isn't it nice that it has like slow chapters and more easy chapters so that idf you just read a slow chapter you would appriciate the easy chapter more? =D

i so hope the shop owner at waterstones will call me for the cardbord cutout!!! hehehe :D

i love massive comments xD also i like talking about danny x3
Ajlin Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student Photographer
Haha the bear pics are adorable and goofy, just like him haha^^

The white suit is YUMMYYYYYY *drools a little*

I have heard him sing! the national anthem of Lovely! (how to start your own country" You've got to teach the world to sing, Danny Wallace is the king! haha^^

At least not comedy, it tends to loses it's touch when it gets translated^^

It really is, i didn't like the movie at all and when I heard he wrote the book that inspired it I only gave it a chance because he wrote it and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it is such an awesome book! Haha probably! At one point when he's doing a show (called Danny's path to enlightenment) he gets asked to aggravate a monk , when reading the book you realise that the tc-team wants him to question the monk's way of living but he decides to start poking him xD I sometimes wonder if he is a little daft or if he's just a genious haha!

It probably does, I mean I do like it so I am recomending it! Even though I am only 30 pages in to it, I am jus saying that so far, Yes man is better^^
Oh one more thing we have in common! I am also terrified of flying and was hoping that I could get the book before I went to London as a distraction but I sadly got it when I came home instead :/

Probably, and I appreciate his writing skilles even when he writes something that isn't particularly hilarious so he keeps me entertained haha^^

I will keep my fingers crossed for you haha!
rawa1993 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
hehe i think so to!

i know right... he looks so .... not married-man like :P

hahahaha him singing is adorable! also he has 2 other songs :3 those are cute to xD
btw danny's site is really funny to :3 he updates it alot and sends little notes to everyone xD

ugh yeah your right .. some of the things will just get lost in the tranlation... and then all you have left is a cold little book xD

hmmmm when i watched the movie i spotted danny! in the background he is talking to some girl xD here's the screenshots:: [link]
haha i didn't like the movie either but i think the book is going to be amazing because danny already said they made like really really big changes... at least that is what he said.... did they make big changes??

xD he really poked him!! hahahah xD i'd love to see that!!!
i think he is smart actually he is one of those people (i think) that thinks about everything a bit to long and comes up with these weird ideas

hahah i'm going to buy them both anyway!! and i'll probably like them both to...
yes man is probably better yes :p but then again yes man is a genius idea :P

yay!! planes are just terrifying everytime i try to calm my nerves but i always get so paranoid when on planes every little bump it makes i feel so scared...
i'm sadly not going to london xD when i go to london i go by bus xD its only one day away by bus :P i'm going to iraq first and then i'm going to london ^3^
things like that always happen that you plan something and it comes out completely diffrent then you imagined...

yeah i wonder what he considers himself as first a writer and presentator a comidien.... probably a writer :D his writing skills are so fresh and its easy to follow his story's xD

thank you... but i wonder were i should put it if i get it anyway???
Ajlin Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Student Photographer
Yeah I heard that he was in the background but I never spotted him! Oh god, how could I have missed him? He is so clearly just there! XD
Yeah there were really big changes and they made the ending hugely more dramatic in the movie even though the books ending in itself is very touching (better than the movie) and would have made a great ending for a movie. And the fact that Jim Carrey doesn't make comedy even remotley similar to Danny Wallace makes it also lose it's charm. For God's sake, Yes Man needs Danny wallace-logic to work! XD

HE DID! I laughed so hard I cried XD Yeah, I was just joking with the "daft"-comment haha^^ I think so too, and the fact that he is very considerate of other people and tries so hard not to end up in awkward situations often puts him in those moments he is trying to avoid! I think he's just adorable haha^^

oh you are going to Iraq? awesome! What are you doing there? :)

I have like a real life-sized cardboard cut out of assassin's creed in my room, so if I can find the space for mine I am sure you can find space for yours haha^^
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JDante Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
omg he so looks like shaun...
I want him O_O
Seriously... I want HIM O____O
*tries to slip into the pc*
Ajlin Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010  Student Photographer
He does right? XD Well Shaun IS modelled after him though, but still! HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE HIM XD

I've tried that too! It doesn't work D8
JDante Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Goddamn it... he's so sexy xD
In the last 20 minutes I stalked him down xD
Now I got 45 Pictures of him xDD
Goddamnit he's hawt xD
Ajlin Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2010  Student Photographer
HE IS! and totally funny! I Bought his book and I've never read anything better^^
Tealover89 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
HE IS BRILLIANT 8D and I do have to say that he looks charming~ ;D
Go and get him!

nawww I want to see your face when you fangirl like a schoolgirl :heart:
I want to record the sounds you make that came out sounding a bit weird....D8

Longing for tomorrow to come~ 8DD
Ajlin Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Student Photographer
YOU KNOW WHO HE IS? 8DDD everybody I've talked to about until now is like "...Danny... who?" XD He does look rather yummy doesn't he ;) But he has a wife.. and a kid either on the way or already out I am not quite sure XD

HAHAHA Oh you do now do you? *nearly fell of my chair laughing*Just HOW do you want to see me fangirling I wonder?XD No but I actually kind of squeal in a really embarassing way... that I do everytime I see my desktop nowadays XD

Me too love 8DDD<333
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